This site is kind of a catch-all for the things I love most. And for the things I end up photographing. Sometimes I write things too, though as often as not those musings end up on the blog. I am captivated by motorcycles. My collection includes a Moto Morini 500, a Ducati 750 Sport, an 851 Superbike, and a Benelli 250 Super Sport. I am in the process of organizing and updating the moto-content. Here some pictures of my garage in Saint Paul, and some more of my garage in Albuquerque.

Some folks come here looking for information about Morini parts. Others are more interested in finding out what to do with or how to find a Maicoletta. A relatively large segment of the population lands here to learn where they may park a motorcycle in Washington, DC. Not nearly as many are interested in finding a motorcycle parking place in Albuquerque. Maybe that is because it is not nearly as challenging.

Folks who know me may be interested in looking at some photographs of the studio or the guest-house, or how the fruit trees look with fruit on them.

Notes and Updates

When new content is added, I will make a note of it here.