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Motorcycle Parking Places in Washington, D.C.

I recently contacted the D.C. City website and after a month or so after my request, received the following list of motorcycle parking places:

LocationCross Sts. No. Spaces
800 Block Vermont Ave., N.W.Cross St.23
800 Block C St., S.W.Cross St.10
600 Block Indiana Ave., N.W.Cross St.6
600 Block G St., N.W.Cross St.6
200 Block Independence Ave., S.E.Cross St.9
600 Block 2nd St., N.W.Cross St.10
2000 Block T St., N.W.Cross St.10
1300 Block New York Ave., N.W.Cross St.10
1700 Block M St., N.W.Cross St.31
1400 Block G St., N.W.Cross St.14
2100 Block Eye St., N.W.Cross St.10
1800 Block H St., N.W.Cross St.16
2200 Block E St., N.W.Cross St.9
Unit Block G St., N.W.Cross Sts.8
1100 Block Vermont Ave., N.W.Cross St.10
1200 Block New Hampshire Ave., N.W.Cross St.20
1800 Block 19th St., N.W.Cross St.7
1700 Block G St., N.W.Cross Sts.11
2200 Block F St., N.W.Cross St.6
1400 Block M St., N.W.Cross St.6
300 Block Eye St., N.W.Cross St.14
600 Block E St., N.W.Cross St.6
900 Block 15th St., N.W.Cross St.12
1800 Block Eye St., N.W.Cross St.9
1300 Block K St., N.W.Cross St.9
1800 Block Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.Cross St.9
2000 Block Florida Ave., N.W.Cross St.10
300 Block Virginia Ave., S.W..Cross St.10
1800 Block M St., N.W.Cross St.24
1100 Block Thos. Jefferson St., N.W.Cross St.5
3000 Block VanNess St., N.W.Cross St.13
2500 Block 6th St., N.W.Cross St.10


Parking Tips

  1. When parked in spaces designed for their exclusive use, motorcycles must park in designated area with rear wheel to the curb.
  2. Metered parking is in effect during the hours posted.
  3. No motorized vehicle without pedals shall park on islands or sidewalks.
  4. Park one motorcycle per stall.
  5. Most parking is metered for 4 hours, at 25 cents per hour.
  6. Motorcycles may park in metered zones designed for automobiles providing the parking meter is paid. When parking in spaces designed for automobiles, motorcycles should park parallel to the curb.