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Motorcycle Parking in Albuquerque, N.M.

One of the more popular searches that lands people at is the page I created for motorcycle parking in DC. Tens of people each month check it, honest. Anyway, since it is so popular and since I have seen no motorcycle spots in Albuquerque, where I now live I called up the City Parking Department.

—Hello. I ride a motorcycle and am trying to figure out where motorcycles are supposed to park.

—Motorcycles can park free of charge between parking spaces, for the same time limit designated for cars.

—Between parking spaces? Usually one space ends and another begins right next to it.

—A motorcycle can park free in either metered parking spaces or in the areas with the pay stations, as long as they don't block the device.

—You mean, as long as I park in the end of a parking space rather than right in the middle, I will be OK?

—Yes, that is the City's policy.

So, there you have it. Free parking for motorcycles in Albuquerque. Let the mode-shift begin. I think if this policy were advertised, motorcycles would become so popular that the City would have to change it. Let's hope they don't.