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If You've Made It This Far, You Must Be Insanely Curious or Family

Every home is entitiled to its clutter, and so every home page. Below you will find mine. I am passionate about many things besides motorcycles and scooters.

Old Houses & Architecture

One major interest of mine is old houses and architecture. Old buildings figure prominently in my dreams (example here), and I have so far refused to purchase a home built before 1945.


I find the political process itself interesting if the theories a little boring. I suppose as a graduate student in the discipline I should find it really really interesting. The first two items short essays I wrote for non-academic audiences (the best kind). The third is a historical artifact from which I have extracted a couple of term papers. Is my grand-uncle's plan the basis of the 1787 constitution? Read his 1783 plan for a frame of government and see if you think so.


A former boss of mine once said that the best thing about me was my dog. He wasn't lying. My life would be substantially diminished had I never shared the best years of my life with the best dog ever, Mookie. Rest in Peace, faithful friend.

Found Memories

I remember reading an article about an artist who collected found letters, notes, and correspondence. I thought it sounded like an interesting hobby, so I have taken it up.

Photos and Albums